Studies in memory of Gaston Wiet


ROSEN-AYALON MYRIAM ed. Studies in memory of Gaston Wiet. (ROSEN-AYALON MYRIAM). Jerusalem: The Max Schloessinger Memorial Foundation; 1977 pp. 479.
Studies in memory of Gaston Wiet


This tribute to the memory of Gaston Wiet, who died in 1971, consists of 28 articles which, with four exceptions, treat aspects of Islamic civilization: its historical developments, its expression in art, architecture, and literature; its manifestations as a religion in theory and practice. Three of the four exceptions deal with Sasanian studies, the fourth is devoted to the Crusades.

The twenty-four articles concerning Islamic civilization were intended to be, and are, as diverse and wide in scope as Wiet's own interests and publications. In terms of time they stretch from the Sasanian period until the present day.


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