About JSAI

Jerusalem Studies in Arabic and Islam is a peer-reviewed academic journal covering the study of classical Islam, Islamic religious thought, Arabic language and literature, the origins of Islamic institutions, and the interaction between Islam and other civilizations. It is published twice a year (as of 2019) by The Max Schloessinger Memorial Foundation, which is the "flagship" project of the Institute of Asian and African Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

The Max Schloessinger Memorial Foundation holds an international conference and colloquium under the name "From Jāhiliyya To Islam"; this was initiated by Prof. Meir J. Kister. Papers presented at the qolloquium are later peer-reviewwd and published in JSAI.

The founding editor of the jouranl was Meir J. Kister. Since 1993, the editor is Yohanan Friedmann. The editorial board consists of leading members of the academic staff of the Institute of Asian and African Studies of the Hebrew University: Shaul Shaked (chairman), Reuven Amitai, Albert Arazi, Meir Bar-Asher,  Michael Ebstein, Yohanan Friedmann, Simon Hopkins, Ethan Kohlberg, Ella Landau-Tasseron, Aryeh Levin, Rachel Milstein, Julia Rubanovich, and Joseph Witztum.

The first volume of JSAI was published in 1979. In 2019, two volumes were published: 46 (2019) and 47 (2019). Volume 46 includes papers presented  at the Thirteenth International Conference “From Jāhiliyya to Islam,” held at the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Jerusalem, 4–6 July 2016.

Our latestst volumes are 49 (2020) and 50 (2021): Studies in Honour of Ella Landau-Tasseron.


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