Studia Orientalia Memoriae D. Z. Baneth Dedicata


Kister, Meir Jacob, and Shaul Shaked. Studia Orientalia Memoriae D. Z. Baneth Dedicata. Edited by Joshua Blau and Shlomo Pines. Jerusalem: The Max Schloessinger Memorial Foundation, 1979.
Studia Orientalia Memoriae D. Z. Baneth Dedicata


חקרי מזרח לזכר ד"צ בנעט


Prof. David Hartwig (Zvi) Baneth (1893-1973) was a prominent scholar in Jewish Studies and Medieval Islamic Philosophy. Prof. Baneth taught at the Department of Arabic Language and Literature at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (since 1936) and laid the groundwork for the study of Judeo-Arabic, which was continued by his student, Prof. Joshua Blau. Prof. Baneth studied the religious thought of Jewish and Muslim scholars like Yehuda ha-Levi, Abu Hamid al-Ghazali, Bahya ibn Paquda, and Maimonides.



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Articles in English and French

  • Y. Navon: D. H. Baneth the Teacher
  • S. D. Goitein: David Hartwig (Zvi) Baneth
  • E. Ullendorf: D. H. Baneth and Philological Precociousness
  • R. Attal: Bibliography of the Writings of Prof. D. H. Baneth
  • E. Almagor: The Early Meaning of Majāz and the Nature of Abū ʿUbayda’s Exegesis
  • I. Alon: Hikmah and Haqq: Divine Attributes?
  • A. Arazi: Le cas d’Abu Djaʿfar al-Zawzanī, un poète type du milieu Khurāsānien
  • H. Blanc: Diachronic and Synchronic Ordering in Medieval Arab Grammatical Theory
  • J. Blau: The Use of Arabic Stative Verbs in the Suffix-Tense to Mark the Present
  • A. Bloch: A Principle of Balancing in Arabic Syntax
  • Y. Friedmann: Literary and Cultural Aspects of the Luzūmiyyāt
  • O. Kapeliuk: Quelques remarques sur l’emploi de l’accusatif en sémitic ethiopien et en arabe classique
  • M. J. Kister: “Shaʿbān is My Month…”
  • E. Kohlberg: The Term Muhaddath in Twelver Shīʿism
  • J. L. Kraemer: Alfarabi's Opinions of the Virtuous City and Maimonides' Foundations of the Law
  • A. Levin: The Meaning of Taʿaddā al-fiʿl ilā in Sībawayhī's al-Kitāb
  • S. Moreh: The Arabic Novel between Arabic and European Influences during the Nineteenth Century
  • S. Pines and M. Schwarz: Yahyā Ibn ʿAdī’s Refutation of the Doctrine of Acquisition (Iktisāb)
  • J. Sadan: The Division of the Day and Programme of Work of the Caliph al-Mansūr
  • S. Shaked: A Persian Letter of the Time of Tamerlane from the Cairo Geniza
  • M. Sharon: An Inscription from the Year 65 A.H. in the Dome of the Rock
  • A. Shiloah: The ʿŪd and the Origin of Music
  • M. Winter: Content and Form in the Elegies of al-Mutanabbī

Articles in Hebrew

  • D. H. Baneth: A Letter from Solomon ben Yehuda, Head of the Geʾon Yaʿaqov Academy in Jerusalem to an Unknown Person in Fūstāt [Prepared for publication by M. Gil]
  • N. Allony: A Study of Kitāb al-muhādara wa-'l-mudhākara by Moses ibn Ezra
  • I. Avinery: The Hebrew Translations of the Kuzari: A Comparison of the Versions by Judah ibn Tibbon and Yehuda Even Shmuel
  • A. Goren: The Faith and Views of the Khawārij in the Early Centuries of Islam
  • H. Lazarus-Yaffeh: On the Feasts in Islam
  • S. Morag: Bamme Madliqin in Two Cairo Geniza Manuscripts
  • M. Piamenta: The Negev Bedouin Verbal Etiquette System and its Linguistic Description
  • Y. Ratzabi: Arabic Proverbs in Spanish Hebrew Poetry
  • G. Vajda: Two Epitomes of Karaite Theology: Sefer Meshivat Nefesh and Pereq Haddin
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